‘Unplanned’ Is a Must See Movie

Monday I compiled an article describing the box office success of the faith-based movie “Unplanned.” The film tells the true story of Abby Johnson, who worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years before becoming a pro-life activist.

Since abortion is such a lighting rod of controversy in the county, part of the article included what Twitter referred to as “errors” regarding accounts to market the film. Tens of thousands of followers mysteriously disappeared among other unexplainable events.

Moreover, when I posted the article to my social media pages it did very well. Yet suddenly, it disappeared from my Facebook page without explanation. I tried to re-post it, not once or twice, but three times before it finally reappeared.

What kind of spiritual warfare is going on with this movie, I thought.

Then yesterday, my wife and I went to the theater to watch the film. To our mysterious amazement, the 4:10 p.m. showing was “sold out,” but the theater was half-empty.

Huh? How can that be?

Then the movie began. Suddenly, I realized what was happening while watching the drama. The pro-choice lobby is so strong, the movie is being undermined as social media giants deploy their biases. Yes, this is my opinion, but it seems to have merit.

I was deeply moved watching the movie and would highly recommend it for all adult viewers—whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life. It may have a life-changing impact on your worldview. Furthermore, God’s grace and mercy are part of the storyline for anyone who’s participated in the abortion process.

After watching the film, I thought about my upcoming book, Jurisdiction, which I’ve co-authored with my brother—and pastor of 44 years—Jon. This is an excerpt from the final chapter on heaven.

I (Jon) have lived through the incredible pain of holding our three-year-old son Charlie in my arms just moments after the doctors pronounced him dead. He had fallen into our pool the previous day and, despite the heroic efforts of the doctors and nurses, it was an uphill, losing battle to save him.

After seeing that “all his numbers were in the wrong place,” they placed him into a 72-hour coma with the hope that the swelling in his brain would go down enough to survive. The doctors advised us to go home and get some sleep, in preparation for a long vigil. When a call came early the next morning we rushed back to the hospital only to be told that Charlie had died a minute before we got off the elevator.

We were ushered into his room as they removed the various wires and tubes attached to his body. I picked up his lifeless little body and held him in my arms as I walked to the window. I gazed “out there” into the sky as the first wave of grief washed over me. It was a surreal moment. As I held the physical remains of my son, the realization that the “real” Charlie was not in his body but “out there” in heaven somewhere was overwhelming. That’s because Jesus is the “first fruits” of all who die in Him.

By the way, the Bible assures us that this applies to all children who die. King Jeroboam sinned greatly against God, but his infant son received the promise of heaven because “there is found something good toward the Lord God” [1] in him. Likewise, God said, “You slaughtered My children” [2] when addressing the horrible practice of child sacrifice practiced by pagan nations surrounding Israel. [3] Even though they had pagan parents, God regarded them as His.

When the whole generation of adults died in the wilderness and were denied entrance into the Promised Land because of their sin, God brought their children into the land because they “have no knowledge of good and evil.” [4] In like manner He ushers children and those who don’t have the mental capacity to discern good and evil into heaven because of His gracious provision. Like David when he lost his infant son I too can say, “I will go to him, but he will not return to me.” [5]

If you want to dig deeper into this subject, I highly commend the little book Safe In the Arms of God by John MacArthur. [6] It is the only book that I’ve ever run across that is totally devoted to the subject of the death of a child and is thoroughly biblical and very helpful. I wish I had found it sooner.

In the interest of full disclosure, the movie, “Unplanned” was especially poignant for me as my family experienced an unplanned teenage pregnancy. I invite you to experience the story: OUR FAMILY WAS PREGNANT

After five years in the making, Jurisdiction: A cop and pastor talk about life is due to be released next month. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, I highly recommend the movie, “Unplanned.”



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