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Welcome to Badge 145—Law Enforcement News and a Christian Worldview. This site is presented by Jim McNeff. Badge 145 was his identification number while on the police department in Orange County, California. We are happy you found us. Jim is a retired cop who enjoys writing about police work and the Christian worldview.

As such, Jim has written three books: The Spirit behind Badge 145, Justice Revealed, and Jurisdiction. The first two are suitable as a devotional. The third one provides a unique conversation between a cop and a pastor about how God relates to the realities of life. (Scroll down to read more details on each book.)

In addition to the books, Jim has written many articles for online publications. Moreover, he is the managing editor of Law Officer.

Badge 145 covers trending news topics related to the law enforcement profession as well as articles and devotions pertaining to the Christian worldview. All of the work is posted on this website: Law Enforcement News & Views as well as Christian Worldview and News.

The articles are also shared on our social media pages: Law Enforcement News & Views for police related news stories, and Badge 145 – Christian Worldview and News.

We’d be so happy if you’d visit these sites and interact with us as we share news related to police work while carrying the torch representing a Christian worldview.

Finally, we hope you find something helpful as you journey in faith. We are are always excited to hear from readers. Please do not hesitate to drop us a message at [email protected] with comments or questions.

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Jurisdiction takes the reader on a journey to traffic fatalities, homicide scenes, the squalor of death row, and more. But each path has a purpose, and it’s to highlight the magnificence of God. One moment you will feel like you’re in a suspense novel, but rather than ending the story with a dark cloud of depression, the authors share hope that illuminates life-giving restoration.

To be able to listen in on the experiences of a cop and a pastor as they tackle challenging questions can have wide impact on anyone, regardless of their background.

The design of this book is to trace the trajectory of God’s sovereign jurisdiction from initial skepticism and unbelief, through human efforts to find meaning in life, yet ultimately to God’s response.

Finally, the authors demonstrate why being on top of life requires coming under the rule of God! It’s a hard-hitting narrative and life-giving doctrine that will challenge your worldview. Will you take the journey with us?

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Justice Revealed

Spiritual warfare is rampant. Lucifer was the fallen angel who became Satan and is duplicitous in his tactics. Justice Revealed will engage in the battle. It is a series of instructive vignettes, illustrations, and allegories that combine Jim’s professional experience in criminal justice with a personal proclamation of God’s impartial fairness—his perfect justice. Since many peace officers have a latent sense of humor, you will find some satire, parody, paradox, symbolism, and a soliloquy as well. Cops are typically thick-skinned, but secretly softhearted, so there is a prose or two for good measure.

The small bites of insight from each chapter are designed to take less time then it would require to connect during a coffee break. Plus the dialogue will be rich and meaningful as we journey between the laws of the land and the laws of God.

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The Spirit behind Badge 145

Most young police officers are generous servants when they begin their careers. But over time, reality breeds a growing skepticism. A police career requires shift work to cover a twenty-four hour, seven day per week operation, not to mention holidays. It is easy to become detached from one’s support network and church. The people we deal with each day during the course of our duty are typically having a bad day by the time they come under our jurisdiction. We take crime reports from citizens who have been victimized; we arrest others who have done the victimizing. By the time the badge arrives on scene, turmoil reigns. People are not excited to see us. We see bodies mutilated by severe auto collisions, homicides, and natural disasters. Others are battered and bruised in less severe ways, but still with damaging results. We see emotions torn and tattered. We are required to be polite and professional while dealing with a victim in need one moment and a hardened career criminal the next.

The balancing act is tough and creates new challenges every day. It is easy to become cynical and worn out. Those who wear a badge know these are traits that sometimes assist in the performance of our duty, but they are traits that handicap and damage personal relationships. As a result it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate with those outside law enforcement.

Some figure it out over time. Some do not. Either way, there is a price to be paid. This is the relationship challenge that led Jim to write this book. There is a need for a Christian devotional specifically written for police officers and their families by someone who wore a badge. But the value of this book can be discovered by anyone who wishes to yield to God and find the purpose for his or her existence.