I endorsed the move “Captive” due to the spiritual transformation that occurred in the life of Ashley Smith after being held prisoner by Brian Nichols.


(Spoiler alert: I need to pay homage to the peace officers who lost their lives in this incident!)


In March 2005, Nichols escaped from the Fulton County Courthouse before standing trial for rape. During his escape he brutally beat Deputy Cynthia Hall, then murdered Judge Rowland Barnes and court reporter Julie Brandau.


Sergeant Hoyt Teasley from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office was shot and killed when he pursued Nichols.


Later in the day, while off duty, Assistant SAC for ICE, David Wilhelm was shot and killed after being confronted by Nichols.


Ashley Smith was taken hostage a short time later. The peaceful resolution and her story of redemption cannot be told without reliving the pain to the lives of so many. I want to honor each one with this brief post.


Brian Nichols is currently serving four life sentences for his crimes. Sergeant Teasley and Assistant SAC Wilhelm are included at the ODMP website:


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