Can I See Some ID Please?

People who’ve mistaken my name, referring to me as “Jeff” instead of “Jim,” have frequently, yet unintentionally, altered my personal identification. Perhaps it is because “Jeff” rhymes with my last name, “McNeff?” Regardless, it happens with such regularity that I often answer to it.


I became “Jeff” in my junior high yearbook, “Jeff McKnight” to a colleague at DOJ, and “Jeff” with a popular online devotional website that incorrectly identified me for months before making the correction.


Comically, the name used by my friend at DOJ ultimately became my official undercover identity for years since I grew comfortable answering to it.


But it’s not my true ID. The same can be said for my spiritual ID. Perhaps I’m known as “The Bible Guy,” or “Christian Zealot?” Yet the truth is that I’m simply a “child of God.” This is a right that I’ve claimed by believing and receiving in Jesus as my Messiah, which means Christ.


I have confidence in this based upon the opening to John’s gospel. But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God,” (John 1:12).


So whether you call me Jim or Jeff doesn’t matter, since my name is secondary to the importance of my status as one of God’s children. What is your ID?


-Jim, aka Jeff


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