Savvy young entrepreneur draws police attention

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – A savvy young roadside entrepreneur caught the attention of Utah police Tuesday with a sign that read “Ice cold beer.”

Upon further inspection, the sign has “root” written in smaller letters above the word ‘BEER.”

“This young man, in the area of 600 South 200 East, has a twist on a lemonade stand,” police wrote on Facebook. “Yep, he’s selling beer … ROOT BEER, that is. His marketing strategy has resulted in several calls to the BCPD, but apparently its paid off as business has been good.”

The “root BEER” was likely desirable as Tuesday’s high in Brigham City was in the 90s. Although the sign was tongue in cheek, we believe this youngster has a future in marketing. After all, the young entrepreneur is now receiving national attention so we imagine he sold more than a few cups of lemonade.

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