Gracious Redemption

I recently wrote the prose, “Gracious Redemption,” while pouring out my heart to the Lord in prayer. It is filled with instruction from the greatest philosopher of all time, Jesus Christ, so you can be certain that concrete truth is present!


Gracious Redemption

Shame and regret pound my soul when I repeat what I hate. Then I’m reminded that I’ve been graciously redeemed. Living incomplete is cast aside.

Grace—Gods riches at Christ’s expense; commuted judgment for eternal blessing; unmerited favor with the Father.

Redemption—A debt that I cannot pay has been canceled, which leads to liberating reconciliation with God.

So Gracious Redemption is embraced, treasured, and valued more than my next breath. For there is a day when worldly breathing will cease and a Heavenly Father will ask, “What did you do with my Son?”

Believe and receive, that’s what I did! I surrender. I hide no more.

Do I seek God or does He pursue me? The reality is that He’s calling me as I hide, just as a shepherd seeks a lonely lost lamb.

Here I am Lord. Thank you for finding me. When shame recurs because of this game of “hide and seek,” thank you for Gracious Redemption!

Part of the deal includes Justification—Obtaining Christ’s perfection, just as if I’ve never sinned. My name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!

Unworthy describes my qualifications, but Jesus said, “I will confess his name before My Father, and before the angels.” Is there a better advocate? I offer gratitude for justification!

May godliness prevail over my tendency toward ungodliness, or simply keeping my Lord safely tucked away on the shelf.

While shame is benched because God has called me to Gracious Redemption, I want it to fuel my desire to immerse in the Spirit of God; to run toward the light rather than injuring myself running into obstacles in dark places.

Here I am Lord. Thank you for removing the veil, for revealing the truth that now saturates my soul. I surrender. Hiding from you might provide temporary pleasure, but the “pleasure train” ALWAYS runs off track.

Symbolism aside, Gracious Redemption is real, authentic, and tangible. Here I am Lord, a mess, but I’m Your mess. Thank you that Gracious Redemption has purified my heart, galvanized my soul, and solidified the Holy Spirit in my life.

Here I am Lord, I am Yours, use me!

—Jim McNeff

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