When Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy strikes the law enforcement family far more than normal. We grieve and then move forward in our life as community gatekeepers.

But what follows death? Anything? Nothing? Heaven? Hell? The Abyss?

Everyone has faith! Even those opposed to organized religion possess it. Atheists have faith that nothing awaits them beyond life, as we know it. Agnostics have inconclusive faith, but it’s simply deferred until they reach conclusions. Every form of organized religion has a belief system leading to an eternal path. But what happens when those lanes collide?

I do not try to convince someone that my personally held Christian worldview is right. Yet I’m willing to express why I’ve placed my eggs in that basket, pun intended on this Easter Sunday.

My older brother Jon pastors NorthCreek Church in Walnut Creek, California. Last week he brought a message of hope following the funeral of an 18-month-old little girl that drowned in a backyard swimming pool. Jon is no stranger to tragedy as the same fate befell his own three-year-old son 35 years earlier.

So beyond the historical evidence, the overwhelming documentation, the archeological discoveries, and scientific data that supports the resurrected Christ, I find peace during times of sorrow to be aggregate evidence. As I listened to Jon’s message titled, Death, Be Not Proud, I wrote the following poem:

When Tragedy Strikes

When tragedy strikes, sorrow walks with me

Uninvited, I want it to flee

The ministry of presence, will comfort thee

No words, or verse, just sit quietly

Rays of darkness interrupt the light

Yet without dark, we don’t know what’s bright

It is not death that is tragedy

But passing from life, unrepentantly

Ask questions of God, he is not afraid

The answers revealed, in Scripture are made

Suffering and mercy; and God’s sovereignty

It all adds up, to his love for me

In crippling pain, I am against the rope

Hence grace and assurance, he offers me hope

Thank you Jesus, for taking my pain

Resurrected with you, forever we’ll reign

If you have questions regarding the Christian worldview, I invite you to visit badge145.com. There, you will find many answers to life’s challenging questions using the Bible as a foundation.

As a footnote, Jon and his wife Anne had two more children after their son Charlie passed away. Their youngest son Pete (my nephew) is now a police officer of Pleasanton Police Department in Northern California.

As always, be safe, but also be certain about your future.

Jim McNeff, editor-in-chief, Law Enforcement Today

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