United We Roll

“United we roll” is the current tagline being used to advertise Harley Davidson motorcycles. It’s brilliant. Whether you ride or not; like, or dislike the brand, do you agree or disagree with the message?

IMG_3676I’m going to recreate the image in your minds eye to give you the complete version. It’s a letter to America that is worth reading. Police officers fully understand and embrace the values in the script, which is why it’s worth sharing.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a lifelong cop that rides a Harley, so I might be a bit biased. Nevertheless, I hope you appreciate the meaning of each word:

Harley Davidson has placed these words with the American flag as a backdrop:

United we roll. You know who makes America roll? Americans, every one of us, that’s who. This country was built by freedom-loving, self-reliant, action-taking individuals from every walk of life who work together to find the way forward. That’s the story behind every great chapter in our history. America has never faced a problem Americans couldn’t fix by looking each other in the eye, shaking hands and firmly resolving to hammer out a solid solution. The generations before us proved that our destiny isn’t to remain divided. Our destiny is to do what we do best: Find common ground, roll up our sleeves and get to work. Love for freedom is the bond we all share. This is not a partisan idea. It’s the bedrock of our country, so let’s start there. Let’s come together to show the world that freedom is the most powerful unifier on the face of the earth. Roll with us. If you believe freedom is far bigger than the things that divide us, go to H-D.com to learn how to show your support. Let’s remember our common ground. Freedom is built by all of us. And it’s how we’ve kept this country rolling through thick and thin since 1776.

Due to copyright infringement, I did not place a picture of the ad in this article. Harley Davidson is not a sponsor of LET, and we receive no monetary compensation for sharing this link, but if you’d like to see the ad, click here.

I believe this message was important after just completing another story regarding protesters burning the American flag. I hope you feel the same. United We Roll!

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