Two Year Anniversary

The Spirit behind Badge 145 was published two years ago. I blogged initially to market the book and encourage the law enforcement community. The writing developed into a ministry. “How long will you continue,” I’ve been asked?


“As long as God provides something worthwhile, I’ll write,” is my reply.


I continue to discover that God has plenty to say, and I promise to take good notes. It grows my faith to share what he’s given, and I’m encouraged by new friends I’ve discovered nationwide and in several other countries as well.


Thank you to so many participating in the journey with me. Receiving your “like” on the Facebook page (if you’ve not done so) and/or visiting my website would highlight my day. Please share the news with others, whether they serve in public safety or not. The good news of Christ is not bound by vocation, geography, ethnicity, culture, or other barriers!


All my best,



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