A Cop and a Pastor Talk About Life
Justice Revealed
A Cop Discovers God's Impartial Fairness
The Spirit Behind Badge 145
A Personal Walk and Devotional With a Law Enforcement Professional


Jurisdiction takes the reader on a journey to traffic fatalities, homicide scenes, the squalor of death row, and more. But each path has a purpose, and it’s to highlight the magnificence of God. One moment you will feel like you’re in a suspense novel, but rather than ending the story with a dark cloud of depression, the authors share hope that illuminates life-giving restoration.

To be able to listen in on the experiences of a cop and a pastor as they tackle challenging questions can have wide impact on anyone, regardless of their background.

The design of this book is to trace the trajectory of God’s sovereign jurisdiction from initial skepticism and unbelief, through human efforts to find meaning in life, yet ultimately to God’s response.

Finally, Jon and Jim McNeff demonstrate why being on top of life requires coming under the rule of God! It’s a hard-hitting narrative and life-giving doctrine that will challenge your worldview. Will you take the journey with us?

Justice Revealed

Have you listened to a speaker at a conference and quietly wondered when he or she would land the plane? Is there a point to all of this, you patiently pondered while the monologue dragged on?

Each chapter in Justice Revealed metaphorically takes off, flies through Jim’s experience as a career cop, connects each illustration, vignette, and allegory to a biblical principle, and then quickly touches down as the conclusion is drawn. It is a proclamation of God’s impartial fairness—his perfect justice.

Justice Revealed is versatile since it was written by a police commander with extensive experience in criminal law, and powerfully practical because his experience is uniquely connected to Scripture.

Jim’s writing style will provoke people to reflect upon their circumstances, while his transparency will humbly lead them to comprehensible truth! He will pull the reader into the narrative through influencing stories and illustrations, but God’s Word is present to seal the deal.

The Spirit behind Badge 145

We are enamored with stories about cops, but rarely do we get a chance to walk in the shoes of one while reading about the personal and spiritual battles waged when one is fighting crime.

Jim’s narrative will pull you into the moment of each crisis. These stories are the material of movies but they happened in real life. Jim weaves his experiences into the truth taught in Scripture.

Whether you are part of the law enforcement community or not, you will be entertained by the adventures. Regardless of your relationship with Christ, you will be challenged to do something with the claims made by Jesus. There is engaging action in this book, but the serious purpose is that it will serve as a challenging devotional guide and bring you closer to Christ.

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