Tango Yankee

Neil Horn with friend

“Tango Yankee!” Using the phonetic alphabet is how we said “thank you” to peers on various radio frequencies in the UFAF a few decades ago. Pictured is my friend Neil Horn. We served together at Offutt AFB, NE in the early 80’s. As part of “Thanksgiving Pursuit,” he is giving a copy of “Justice Revealed” to a retired LEO from Minnesota.


We are in the process is distributing more than 1200 books to peace officers in 19 states and about 26 different geographical locations through this campaign—and the numbers are continuing to grow.


I am humbled by your committed partnership in this effort. I want peace officers to feel “thanked” as they are “given” a free copy of this book, so they will know God is in “pursuit” of their life.


While I cannot find the words to express my gratitude, I will simply say, “TANGO YANKEE,” to Neil and so many others! The results of your faithfulness are immeasurable!



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