Sweet Surrender


Why do doubters turn to Jesus …


… on their deathbed?

… in jail/prison?

… during a crisis?

… when all else has failed?


Because sometimes people do not realize that Jesus is all they need until he is all that matters! For those who think God forsakes these places, may I gently remind you that humanity does not surrender to false deities or atheism at these tender moments, but to the God of the universe who sent a Savior for us all.


“Then he (Jesus) asked them, ‘But who do you say I am?’ Peter replied, ‘You are the Messiah’” (Mark 8:29).


If you have a friend or loved one who is vulnerable to catastrophic changes in life/death, perhaps God is calling you to make the same proclamation as Peter? Do not be discouraged by the potential for disagreement. After all, you have less influence than God in their life, and they’ve rejected him to this point. Simply know that nothing is more pleasant to witness than Sweet Surrender to the Father. Speak to them in love and let God do the rest!




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