Standing Ovation

An envious basketball hall of famer recently denigrated the phenomenal performance of current star, Stephen Curry. Despite the critique, Curry’s skills have taken him to places never before seen in the NBA.


As one of the seasoned (old) guys in law enforcement, I would like to take the opposite tact with our current crop of officers. They routinely face challenges in far greater numbers than before, with handicaps placed upon them due to politics that strike like a Sidewinder.


What was once a major news story has become mundane, and we have become desensitized, unless we find ourself in the middle of the chaos.


I had these thoughts while watching the news reports of another mass shooting, this one in Hesston, Kansas. I have family who live in this town of about 3700 people—a place that I visited during a road ride on my motorcycle a few months ago—one of which was contracting at Excel, the location of the shooting. Reportedly three dead, another fourteen wounded. The further our culture strays from traditional values that bond, the more frequent these episodes become, and no one is immune.


Misguided people will blame the race, the weapon, or the strange brew that created the firestorm. But it’s not any of these things! It will always be a condition of the heart that connects to the brain. The more spiritual and social damage incurred by our life-pumping organism, the greater chance we have for short circuiting wires in our head. Psychoanalyze it all you want. Cops on the street will tell you it’s that simple!


In the past, even people who cast aside the spiritual realities in life were still guided by structural norms that provided a firm foundation. That road is eroding.


So all I can say is praise God for Chief Doug Schroeder who stormed the building and took out the shooter in Hesston! He will never have his picture on a baseball card, or adorn the cover of People Magazine. He and his profession may be disparaged by the likes of B . . . e . . . y . . . o . . . n, sorry, what’s her name? Yet I can tell you this, his actions are worth more to the survivors than 20 million dollars recently paid to your favorite athlete for hitting baseballs, catching footballs, or draining three’s!


Yay for the cops! I’m giving them a standing ovation!

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