Serving & Protecting with Purpose

Serving & Protecting with Purpose is bringing a ray of hope and a word of encouragement with each new day; something all cops need.

Let’s face it, those who work in law enforcement are surrounded by negativity; from calls for service to constant claims of racism to the public asserting superior knowledge of how to perform our job. It get tiresome, does it not?

I’ve found encouragement from a friend and fellow cop, Bryan Flatt. He currently serves with the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) as a training coordinator/instructor. TMPA is known as the voice of Texas law enforcement, and Bryan reflects optimism in an otherwise downbeat business.

A New Purpose

Last year Bryan began posting Facebook Live morning devotions, which last a few minutes each. As a result, he offers a word of encouragement along with a brief reading of Scripture. Consequently, it’s a quick blast of support for people that have joined his new Facebook group, Serving & Protecting with Purpose.


Bryan Flatt offers a ray of hope and a word of encouragement each morning to get your day started on the right foot. (Photo courtesy Dakota Hodge)

When I asked Bryan why he began posting morning devotions, this is what he said:

“I was out of town, here in Texas, in my hotel room …. reading (one of Billy Graham’s books). … I was already doing a daily inspirational word on social media, but I wanted to really gear it toward first responders. So I took the words from that passage (in Graham’s book) and decided that is what I should call it (Serving and Protecting with Purpose).

‘I needed that today’

Bryan told me he receives many benefits as we recently shared coffee at a local Starbucks. Along with receiving thanks from so many people, he often hears someone say, “I needed that today.”

When he feels his journey is complete and he’ll just fade away, he receives text messages saying, “Please don’t stop, thank you for what you’re doing.”

The notes have reinforced his inspirational mission. “So, it continues,” he said.


Furthermore, Bryan said he receives prayer requests for specifics reasons. He often wonders to himself, Why are you asking me? I’m not an ordained preacher or anything. Yet people identify with his faith and know he understands where they are coming from because we are all imperfect beings in this together.

Serving & Protecting with Purpose Facebook group is for anyone currently working as a first responder, retired, or simply supporting our first responders and their families. “We have all sacrificed something during our career and life,” Bryan says, “but none as much as what Jesus sacrificed for us.” Join now to see his morning inspirational posts. If you need a boost of optimism along with your morning jolt of coffee, this is the place to get it.

– Jim McNeff

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