Riddle Me This

As I’ve prepared to bring the gospel to Muslim refugees in Germany, I’ve done considerable study regarding culture and how it will affect our effort. Sitting with my philosophical thoughts one day, “Riddle Me This” was born. As I solicit your prayers for God to be glorified during our eight-day trip beginning tomorrow, I leave you with these thoughts:


Riddle Me This


A vision without life is a dream

A dream with life is a memory

A fulfilling memory is purpose

Having purpose is fulfilling


A purpose fulfilled in Christ

Is obedience to the Father

The Father known as Yahweh

Is the God above all others


The Word is an expression of thought

The thoughts come through Scripture

The Scriptures tell us about Christ

Christ is the Word


There is no way to the Father

Without his only Son

There is no way to know the Son

Without the heavenly Father


The Helper is available

To lead us as our guide

The Guide with Father and Son

Are the Godhead, three in One


To decipher this riddle is the Word

The Word is given by God

God will make things known

If what is known is read and heard!


May God bless you and keep you in his care my dear friends until we reunite in a few weeks. Keep the streets safe, make your homes a place of refuge, and your relationships refreshing! You breathe life into me. I simply hope I can do the same for you!



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