Justice Will Prevail


People enjoy freedom and the pursuit of happiness since God has given us free will. Yet we get upset when he does not intervene as the free will of one person victimizes another; although we are typically unaware of countless moments he actually intercedes on our behalf. We chalk it up to “good fortune,” “karma,” or “lucky stars.”

While most people administering the criminal justice system are well intentioned, it is imperfect because people are flawed.

A basic reality in life is that people generally do not turn to God during their successes, but personal failures and tragedy. The Bible teaches that God does not author sin, but he can use it for his glory. On occasion God can also decree circumstances so people can experience his magnificence and respond in faith.

To question God’s mercy is to question his love. God’s love requires justice, and justice requires judgment.

Be certain that Jesus came first to absorb sin on the cross, and he will return in judgment to abolish it!

Justice will prevail. That is why I have written Justice Revealed. Public release date August 22, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or www.badge145.com.

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