Jurisdiction: A Cop and a Pastor Talk About Life

Most people believe in God but they are just not sure what that means. The book Jurisdiction is an attempt to answer that question. Two brothers who have spent their careers dealing with the realities of life and how God views it write about it. Jim McNeff’s career has spanned over thirty years in law enforcement where he has seen the results of living as if there is no God. Jon McNeff’s forty plus years as a pastor have been spent explaining God’s perspective on life.

Jurisdiction provides a unique conversation between the two about how God relates to the realities of life. They do this by posing thirteen questions, which form the basis for the thirteen chapters in the book. They ask:

  1. What’s wrong with us?
  2. Isn’t someone going to do something?
  3. Is our conscience aware of God?
  4. What is our natural response to God?
  5. What about free will?
  6. Is there really a God who cares?
  7. Has God spoken to us?
  8. Does God have the final say in all things?
  9. How does God’s will interact with our free will?
  10. What is the result of rejecting God?
  11. What can I do to inherit eternal life?
  12. How does God bring us eternal life?
  13. What is the result of yielding to God?

Each chapter begins with a real-life “cop story” followed by God’s perspective on that situation. The authenticity and progression of thought from chapter to chapter provides a compelling argument for those who desire to know how God relates to life.

Jurisdiction has something for the skeptic and doubter as well as those looking for spiritual fortification. It yields basic doctrine in addition to a deep dive in theology without leaving behind those on the journey.

Jurisdiction cover

Jurisdiction is available on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble.

See Jim’s additional books, The Spirit behind Badge 145 and Justice RevealedEach book is divided into short digestible sections that work well as a daily devotion.

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