It’s a Small World

I was thrilled to see visitors to from around the globe this month. I imagine most speak English, but I still want to extend a sincere “God bless” in the native language of each country. The total hits from Russia exceeding those from the U.S. was remarkable. I have no explanation other than the love of Jesus is transferable to any language and culture!


Russia 194 – Бог благословил

U.S. 179 – God Bless

China 10 – Shàngdì bǎoyòu

Brazil 9 – Deus Abencoe

Japan 7 – Kami no go kago o

Italy 6 – Dio Benedica

Spain 6 – Dios Los Benidga

Azerbaijan 5 – Allah qorusun

Kazakhstan 5 – Құдай сақтасын

South Korea 5 – Hananim-eun chugbog

Canada 5 – God Bless/Dieu vous protège

Great Britain 4 – God Bless

Ukraine 4 – Bozhe, blahoslovy

France 3 – Dieu vous protège

Finland 3 – Jumala Siunatkoon

Germany 3 – Gott Segne

Columbia 2 – Dios Los Benidga

Kenya 2 – Mungu akubariki


“And he said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.’” (Mark 16:15)


Your Servant,



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