Google labels the movie ‘Unplanned’ as ‘propaganda’

Google is the latest tech giant to be accused of bias against the newly released pro-life film “Unplanned,” with the search engine listing the movie as “propaganda.”

“Unplanned” is the story of a Planned Parenthood clinic director who becomes an anti-abortion activist.


A Google screenshot shows ‘Unplanned’ listed as ‘Drama/Propaganda’ via FOX News.

The Daily Signal’s Kelsey Bolar noted Thursday that Google classifies “Unplanned” as a “drama/propaganda.”

“Who knew that ‘propaganda’ was a movie genre? Google once again exposing its gross political bias,” Bolar tweeted a screenshot of search results, which have been verified by Fox News.

Another Twitter user compared the search results of “Unplanned” with those of left-leaning films like the Dick Cheney biopic “Vice” and the documentaries of Michael Moore. Consequently, Google considered none of these films “propaganda.”

Fox News also researched the Google results of the “God’s Not Dead” film series and documentaries made by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. None of those films were labeled “propaganda” either.

A Google spokesperson explained to Fox News that its “Knowledge Graph” analyzed web content on “Unplanned” and that a large volume of it described the film as propaganda and placed the label without a universal consensus.

“When we’re made aware of disputed facts in our Knowledge Graph, we work to fix the issues, as we’ve done in this case,” the spokesperson told Fox News. Google has updated the search results so that “propaganda” no longer appears as the genre.

So it was the fault of the “Knowledge Graph”? Amazingly every time one of the social media giants gets caught discriminating against conservative values, they have a list of reasons in their back pocket. Nevertheless, until they are held accountable, it is likely to continue.


In March, supporters of “Unplanned” accused Twitter of unfair treatment after that social media platform blocked the film’s account and, critics say, suppressed the film’s number of followers.

Directors of the movie believe Twitter banned the film’s account over its conservative message, even after the social media giant blamed its brief suspension of the movie’s account on an error last month.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” Thursday, “Unplanned” filmmakers and writers Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon discussed their frustration with Twitter.

“[Twitter] closed us down on opening night, which, considering we had the account for nine months, was quite unusual,” Solomon told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy. “It just so happens that happens on opening night which, for a movie, is the most important night of the whole run.”

Konzelman added that he doesn’t think the tech company gave an adequate reason as to why it shut down the “Unplanned” account in the first place saying that he believes its pro-life message was to blame.

“Well, we are completely blocked at every turn. I mean, our primary difficulty was with Google, who refused to take any of the advertising for our film. All of our banner ads up until our date of release were refused,” Konzelman said. “Basically, they identified us with a conservative issue, which is the pro-life side of the abortion issue. They said, ‘your marketing is related to abortion.’ We said, ‘no it’s not. It’s a film.’ And they still refused us.”

Twitter told Fox News Thursday that the page was not directly targeted but was erroneously caught in its automated system.

“When an account violates the Twitter Rules, the system looks for linked accounts to mitigate things like ban evasion,” the spokesperson told us. “In this case, the account was mistakenly caught in our automated systems for ban evasion.” had extreme difficulty posting “Unplanned” articles to Facebook. Moreover, Google AdSense rejected our application this week. We wonder if it had anything to do with our unwavering support of the movie?

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