Gerald Hunter’s Encouragement

“When I sent the message to you I had not done any research on who you were. I took your biography at the end of the article for what it was, just that. After you responded to my email I figured I would check out your associated web site. When I saw it was for your book, “The Spirit behind Badge 145,” I became immediately intrigued. I ordered the book for me and a book for a partner of mine at work. Yes I had a rush order and I have just finished it.


“We have walked some of the same paths in our career. I worked eight years as a narcotics detective, five years on patrol, four years on SWAT. My time in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was early in my marriage to my wife and we have since returned to our native home in Florida. Your accounts of law enforcement work are right on the mark. Many of the things you say are exactly the way I think. I wanted to stop and take the time to thank you for standing up as a Christian. It is so refreshing to see that someone who others see as a tough guy can present themselves as a loving, caring person through Christ.”


-Gerald Hunter

Gainesville Police Department

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