Children provide sketches to help police catch ‘bad guy’

BERLIN, Conn. – Children provided police with sketches of a man who fled the scene of a two-vehicle hit and run collision in Connecticut on Tuesday. As a result, he may not be on the run for long after law enforcement authorities were fortunate enough to find the trio of witnesses—who rendered their drawing using crayons.

Investigators responded to the scene of a crash on Berlin Turnpike involving a motorcycle and another vehicle only to discover that the man who’d been riding the bike had jumped a guardrail and taken off into the woods as officers approached, according to the Berlin Police Department.

Police were unable to locate the suspect. Nevertheless, three (young) witnesses swiftly stepped in to give the long arm of the law a hand, offering up their “artistic interpretations” of what they saw after the collision, the department said.

In one of several detailed drawings published by police on Facebook Wednesday, the motorcycle rider is labeled as a “bad guy.” The artist helpfully notes—using words and directional arrows—where the man’s “hands,” “shirt,” “shoes,” “hat,” and “shorts” are located. Moreover, the young artist-witness noted the presence of “blood” covering what appears to be half of his face.

Another sketch shows the man, pictured next to what appears to be a motorcycle, with his face half-covered in “blood,” with the red substance getting the drawing’s only label. Furthermore, the sketch also includes a short comment: “I don’t know how to drive.”

On the original piece of art, that phrase is not in quotation marks, so it wasn’t immediately clear if the words were a direct quote, a paraphrase or just an observation about the man’s skills on the road, Fox News reported.

Myla, Joyce and Julian—whom police thank “for their investigative assistance,” drew the sketches, intended to help police. Their last names were withheld.

Police encourage anyone who might recognize the suspect in the drawings to contact the police department at 860-828-7082. The blood covering half of his face may be a giveaway as to his identity.

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