California Highway Patrol officer gets injured marathon runner to finish line

BIG BEAR, Calif. – An officer with the California Highway Patrol came to the aid of a runner who suffered a stress fracture in her leg during the “Big Bear Revel” marathon event over the weekend in the Southern California mountain community of Big Bear, which is east of Los Angeles.

The agency posted an image to Facebook of an officer identified only as R. Dallin carrying an unidentified woman after she injured her leg.

In the comments beneath the post one citizen said, “Oh my gosh, this picture is taken MILES from the finish line!! How far did he carry her?”

Donna Truelock-Little wrote, “This was at mile 23. Saw him pick her up and take her in his patrol car.”

Another commented, “Way to go! Officer Dallin is a winner in my eyes! A true example of a CHP officer. Thank you!”

Regardless of how far he carried and/or drove the injured runner, he was able to ensure she made it to the finish line.

“I’m so proud of my nephew,” Kathy Bergland wrote. “He’s a good man.”

Indeed, he is!

Moreover, the California Highway Patrol is proud of him too!

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