100% Jesus

100% Jesus

My new book, Justice Revealed, will be publicly released tomorrow—August 22. Here are some questions I’ve been asked:


Why did you write Justice Revealed?

Jim: Have you ever tried to make sense of the world – of the things that happen to you? Try being a cop! Things we see on a daily basis can be frustrating, discouraging, sometimes downright horrifying.


Yet, in the midst of seeing humanity at its’ worst, we are privileged to see light and love demonstrated in ways that give us hope because God has not abandoned us.


Yet, how does a God of ultimate justice put up with so much injustice in the world? How can we as his children, find his peace, his joy, his perspective, his truth, his justice amidst a broken humanity? These questions and more are answered.


What is the overarching message?

 Jim: Reaching people for Christ and connecting them to biblical truth would be the thesis for Justice Revealed. I do this through a series of instructive vignettes, illustrations, satire, and allegories that combine my professional experience in criminal justice with a personal proclamation of God’s impartial fairness—his perfect justice.


Do you have a favorite chapter?

Jim: Without hesitation I believe the Holy Spirit inspired each devotion. Your season in life will play a significant role as to which chapter/devotion means the most to you.


If I had to select one that could have the greatest impact, it would be a segment that includes testimonials from each member of my immediate family. Chapter 22 is titled, Our Family Was Pregnant. This portion of the book is a personal testimonial from those I love the most. The chapter begins, “When a seventeen-year-old high school girl from a home practicing biblical principles becomes pregnant, it’s like an angry mule that kicks, and everyone feels the impact.” As the chapter progresses, everyone provides their perspective of the journey we took during the arrival of my granddaughter.


Why should someone read your book?

Jim: Everyone needs a relationship with Jesus, and God has allowed me to introduce people to him using my background in law enforcement to illustrate biblical principles. This book is not simply for cops and their families, but anyone who desires a deeper appreciation for Scripture as seen through the unique lens of a peace officer.


Regardless of your personal disposition, the satire will make you laugh (I promise), and the drama may bring a tear to your eye (some more than others). Yet everything is tied to the Bible, which is God’s divine revelation to us. Through his Word you will form logical conclusions that will make a difference in your life.


Do you like watching the Olympics?

I confess! I’m an Olympic junkie. I also became a fan of the Brazilian soccer team after watching their gold medal-winning match.


A man named Neymar plays for Brazil, and wears a headband that says, “100% Jesus.” My research revealed that he belongs to an organization called “Atletas de Cristo,” (Athletes of Christ) which was organized to help them handle the worldly temptations that come along with wealth and fame in Brazil.


I also learned that Brazil has regularly had a core of evangelical players, with former world player of the year Kaka, the most high profile recent example. After scoring goals, the AC Milan midfielder, would sometimes unveil a T-shirt displaying the message, “I belong to Jesus.”


Congratulations Brazil on your gold medal in soccer!

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