Uniformed Officer Mows Woman’s Lawn After Checking Welfare

ORONO, Minn. – A uniformed police officer decided to mow the lawn of a person after checking on her welfare. The Minnesota cop is showing one of many unique ways officers assist those they serve.

The Orono Police Department posted a photo on social media Thursday showing Officer Matt Siltala confronting knee-high weeds with a lawn mower at a home where he had just conducted a welfare check on the owner, a woman living alone.

“She was okay and Matt asked her why her yard is so unkempt,” police said. “She said she doesn’t have anyone to mow for her. He grabbed her mower and cut the front yard. Very cool.”

The post attracted many positive comments and offers to assist the woman, reported Fox News.

“We will do some checking and get back to those who have shown interest,” police said

“I cannot say how proud stuff like this makes us,” read the Facebook post accompanying the photo. “But not sure why Officer McCoy, who took the picture, couldn’t grab the trimmer,” it concluded in comic relief.

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