I am honored to receive endorsements from peace officers around the country …
And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. – Mark 16:15
… and from police chaplain organizations
For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. – Hebrews 4:12
Yet it is God’s approval that I desire most
For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. – Galatians 1:10

What People are saying about Jurisdiction

  • As a retired chief of police and follower of Christ, I found Jurisdiction to be the most compelling true-life testimony for the redemptive power of Christ. Authors, Jim and Jon McNeff combine the human depravity seen through a cop's eyes, with the restorative promise as shared by a pastor. This is one of the most powerful testimonies I've read. It touched my spirit and I know it will also touch yours.

    Scott Silverii PhD, Chief of Police, Thibodaux Police Department, Louisiana (ret.), Founder, Brick Breakers Men’s Ministry, Co-Founder, Marriage Matters Ministry
  • Jon and Jim McNeff have crafted a unique approach to describing the ills of our society through stories of the law from the viewpoint of a pastor and a cop. It is only fitting they break it down into criminal activities, because all of us are lawbreakers. But don’t be fooled into thinking these are just “detective” stories because they aren’t. They mirror the human condition and the wrong thinking that lead to sadness and ultimate defeat. These gentlemen have hit the nail on the head about truth and consequences.

    Ron DiCianni bestselling artist and author
  • To be able to listen in on the experiences of a cop and pastor as they tackle challenging questions of God’s Jurisdiction and sovereignty can have wide impact on believers and non-believers alike.  This clear, compelling and thorough offering provides answers for anyone seeking solace, healing or hope. All you have to do is peel back the cover and start reading.

    Mike Major Chief, Bureau of Investigation (ret.), Orange County District Attorney’s Office, California
  • Freedom is not doing what you want but being what God created you to be. According to the Bible, the good life is a life lived in accordance with the will and pleasure of the Creator. In their helpful book, Jon and Jim McNeff remind us that life is God's Jurisdiction and therefore a matter of joyful submission on the part of man toward God. May this compelling book remind us all that death not life, bondage not freedom, and despair not joy results from a life that declares autonomy from the Creator. As Jon and Jim will argue, being on top of life requires coming under the rule of Jesus Christ!

    Philip De Courcy Senior Pastor, Kindred Community Church, Anaheim Hills, California Bible teacher, national radio broadcast Know the Truth
  • Jurisdiction will lead the reader to traumatic homicide scenes, gruesome traffic collisions, and the reality of death row. The journey's purpose is to discover God is graciously in charge, regardless of our limited perspective. Jurisdiction illuminates eternal truth that is undeniable when the Bible is the foundation.

    Sara Delaney JD, District Attorney Inspector (ret.), Marin County, California
  • “As a cop, you work for God” . . . or so you’re told. It’s truly hard to appreciate when your world is filled with those who claim to be him. Jurisdiction clears the muddy waters that keep officers from understanding who God truly is, what he came to do and the difference it makes. Read it, apply the truth contained in its pages and discover the profession’s greatest resource.

    Jim Bontrager National Board Member, Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers – USA
  • Any book written by a cop and a pastor deserves attention, but Jurisdiction commands it. Jon and Jim tell the truth about who God is and who we are, compelling us to live for and under the rule of Jesus Christ. Here is a rare combination of hard-hitting narrative and life-giving doctrine that makes for a riveting work I heartily recommend!

    Dr. Kent Dresdow Senior Pastor, NorthCreek Church, Walnut Creek, California
  • As a career cop, I have had the opportunity to see things I would never have been able to see, and the misfortune to see things I wish I’d never seen. This no-nonsense and relatable book has enhanced my abilities in speaking with others about the most compelling and important subject there is, God's Jurisdiction.

    Houston Gass Chief of Police, Fritch, Texas
  • Jurisdiction answers questions regarding God’s sovereignty in creative, yet straightforward ways using illustrations from the criminal justice system and connecting them to biblical doctrine. It is a persuasive and undeniable education.

    Tina Jaeckle Ph.D., L.C.S.W., B.C.E.T.S., F.N.C.C.M., Associate Professor and Program Director, Criminology, Internship Coordinator, Sociology and Criminology Department of Social Sciences, Flagler College, St. Augustine, Florida
  • As a pastor and one with an avid interest in criminal justice, Jurisdiction cohesively laces together a clear picture of how God rules His jurisdiction (all of creation) with all power and wisdom. We are living in an age of increased confusion where humanity is searching for answers about the state of the world, yet never finding satisfactory solutions to the problems of sin and evil. Jon and Jim McNeff have combined years of pastoral and professional experience to give concrete answers from God’s Word, the final authority, on all matters that pertain to this life and the only solution to man’s need for redemption in Christ Jesus alone.

    Billie Dempsey Senior Pastor, Higher Ground Church, Oakland, California
  • When one man shares the life experiences of a police officer, and his brother, who has pastored for more than forty-years applies biblical answers, it is insightful. These men combine remarkable life stories and solid theological skill in a compelling presentation that moves logically from skepticism to belief.

    Dr. Phillip Howard Senior Pastor, Valley Bible Church, Hercules, California

What People are saying about Justice Revealed

  • If I were a cop, I’d definitely want Jim as my partner. We’d bust the bad guys then lead them to the life-changing power of Jesus. I know and love Jim’s heart—he wants to care for and reach those who are lost.

    Doug Fields Author and Teaching Pastor at Saddleback & Mariners Church, Executive Director of HomeWord’s Center for Youth/Family at Azusa Pacific University
  • The way Jim connects the actual experiences of a law enforcement officer to guidance from the Bible is noteworthy. I recommend Justice Revealed to all officers regardless of their level of experience.

    Daniel Watson Chief of Police, Darlington Police Department
  • Jim is a compelling writer. He challenges me to continue to live out my own faith. His solid friendship encourages me to persevere in ministry to others.

    Chuck Barber Small Groups Pastor, Hill Country Bible Church
  • Justice Revealed offers peace officers reflective support during trying circumstances. The illustrations are practical and can be used by busy officers on the go.

    Todd Mattern Chief of Police (Ret.), Los Alamitos Police Department
  • Jim’s work covers many of the specific areas that our law enforcement professionals encounter every day. Discussing the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of our officers is what this book does best.

    Reverend Timothy M. Polley Chaplain, Carrollton Police Department, Founder, Parents of Law Enforcement Officers
  • Justice Revealed depicts illustration after illustration of God’s impartial fairness and will give cops hope that even when earthly justice is not done, God’s justice will prevail.

    Olivia Johnson, DM Founder, President, Blue Wall Institute
  • Jim gives us the gift of his own humanity, his “Hey, me too, I’ve been there” humility is refreshing. He is an ambassador of Christ, using the Sword of truth. We should listen.

    Pamela Capone Author, I Punched Myself in the Eye
  • As a long-time law enforcement professional Jim has learned how to discover facts in a situation. He brings this same skill and insight to Scripture and will help the reader connect with truth in a fascinating way.

    Mark Carver Leadership Staff, Office of the Pastor, Saddleback Church
  • The evidence that God loves those serving in law enforcement, and that he is creating a revival in us, is that he gifted Jim McNeff to write and minister specifically to our areas of need. Jim conveys the love and truth of God's Word through stories that connect with the heart of cops. Justice Revealed is a versatile, powerfully practical resource.

    Jonathan Parker Pastor, Cop Church Chattanooga, Founder, Covered Law Enforcement, National Board Member, Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers
  • Justice Revealed is thought provoking and causes you to step back and reflect. Jim's transparency will draw the reader to connect on what is physically seen and yet see the spiritual in ways unimaginable.

    Allison Uribe Founder, Wives on Duty Ministries 
  • I read Justice Revealed with my wife as a daily devotional. We really enjoyed getting to read Jim’s thoughts, especially when illustrated by his past police experiences.  He has a great way of connecting a suitable story to exemplify the right passage of Scripture!

    Jon Jobe Community Pastor, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship
  • The way Jim has weaved police stories that resonate with LEO's like myself and the truth of Scripture is superb. Jim has shared the Gospel in a manner that is both entertaining and enlightening. Well done!

    Clyde Foreman Regional Security Manager—Central US, Tesoro Corporation, Past Chief of Operations, Chelan County Sheriff, SAC—FBI

What People are saying about The Spirit behind Badge 145

  • The law enforcement profession is an incredible opportunity for the Christian to observe the working out in real life of the biblical principles of sin, consequences for that sin, and the natural tendency of human beings to act in a manner the Scriptures clearly teach is the norm for fallen man. Jim’s book not only is a wonderful tool to remind us how to observe these things—but how to put them through the grid of Scripture in our own life and the lives of those around us. This book can be an effective tool in helping the Christian police officer or deputy to integrate his or her work with faith. I am thankful he took the time to put this together for all of us who have or do wear the badge of the centurion.

    Dr. Jack Enter Author and Law Enforcement Trainer
  • It's been my pleasure to get to know Jim McNeff personally through a men's Bible study we attend together. I began to read his stories and accounts of his life as a police officer in Southern California. This was exciting stuff! I know his original intent was to write for the law enforcement community, but the appeal of his communication is much broader—because the message of the cross has no boundary. The Spirit behind Badge 145 is interesting and inspiring enough to be read by any person seeking to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ. And, yes, it will absolutely hit home with our men and women serving in law enforcement at every level.

    Jon Jobe Community Pastor, Bent Tree Bible Fellowship
  • I have had the honor of knowing Jim McNeff and seeing him live out his faith in the Lord. This book provides encouragement and inspiration that will help deepen and strengthen relationships for those who seek to know the Lord with greater intimacy. Only changed people can change the world around them. Enjoy the journey with Jim.

    Jim Wilke Police Officer (Ret.), Pastoral Care/Membership Pastor, Saddleback Church
  • My friend, Jim McNeff, is a wonderful mixture of macho and marshmallow, a man's man with a soft side. In this fantastic book, Jim shares his journey of faith in a way that will resonate with people everywhere. Read this book then share it with a friend or co-worker!

    Kurt Johnston Pastor’s Management Team, Director of Student Ministries, Saddleback Church
  • The Spirit behind Badge 145 is an insightful journey into the real life of a law enforcement officer, living out his faith on the street. Jim's authentic revealing of himself and his career calls us to reflect on our own journey. A must read as you find your rhythm of life in the workplace.

    Kerry R. Mackey Host, Man Up Outdoors
  • Jim McNeff is a decorated law enforcement veteran who had a storied career. The lessons learned he shares in The Spirit behind Badge 145 are of value to both current and future police officers.

    Paul Sorrell Chief of Police (Ret.), Fountain Valley Police Department
  • As a Christian and career law enforcement professional, I was captivated reading this book. Jim McNeff literally bares his soul, not only as a witness for Christ, but also as a mechanism to reach police officers where it counts: their hearts. Jim speaks openly about the profession, his triumphs, failures, and faith in a way that public safety personnel will relate to. He provides his readers with an unobstructed view of some tough and valuable lessons—I applaud his efforts and recommend this book.

    Steve Ames Captain (Ret), Center Coordinator, Golden West College Criminal Justice Training Center